2 sleeps 'till Christmas

WARNING: photo rich post ahead!!
The week before Christmas is always busy, but we also have a birthday in our family. Our little girl turned 25 this week....OMG, that makes me feel i like should be old!! And as always we celebrated with a family BBQ at the farm...which means lots of kids and beautiful noise!! LOL...

Here is the family photo of Grandparents, with our 2 kids and their 6 boys....well, the baby (missing) was asleep in the pusher....this is a precious moment all the same!

Then i braved the moment to capture all 6 boys for a Christmas photo shoot....and after many many 'takes' i got a couple reasonable ones!! There was alot of "look this way", "smile", "hey Mace say cheese", "here look"...and "quick mum have you got one yet"!!!

After all the rush of excitement or madness not sure which, this little boy grabbed my 'HoHo' plaque and said  "here Granny take a picture"...bless him, How could i resist??!!

He played real good for me!! LOL!!

And this little face is just delish!! His "cheeese face"!!!

And then my parents arrived from Adelaide, as soon as Dad had his van set up, i was out there, with hats & camera and saying look at me!! click, click!!

Even if i don't get to scrap my mini 14 days till Christmas album, i have clicked the events of the past 2 weeks....and i have loved it. Hope your last 14 days have been exciting....and there's just one more exciting day to go!!

Hope you all have a Great Christmas and Thanks for stopping by and leaving any comments....i always love to see who's popped on by.

Sue xx


amanda hall said...

great photos Sue. Ohmygoodness i love the HOHOHO photos!! Bloody brilliant!

Have a fab Xmas matey xx

Meredith said...

Great photos Sue!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! xx