July- Project Life

Finally i have gotten back to my desk and my July Project Life. Everything has been sitting here waiting for this spare moment!! July is the middle of winter month, cold wet & not very interesting to take photos of day to day living. So i have captured it with photos of looking out the window, wet roads, washing trying to dry on the clothes-line, and some of our many visits from the kids & playing games!
Here is our July-

my photographing of this lot was causing me trouble this morning with the reflections on the PL protector pages.....and  the bit of sunshine shining thru my window!!!

Now to get amongst all my August photos and begin the next month!!

Hope you have had a great month.

Sue xx

Sydney trip- Aug 2013

It has been a month since i have posted here on my blog.....reason - we had a little holiday to Sydney early this month for a week. And a fantastic time we had!! There is soooo much to see and do in Sydney, and we had perfect weather every day....which was a nice break from the cold days we were  having back home.

We stayed very close to Darling Harbour - so we dined along Cockle Bay at various yummy resturants there. We visited The Bridge, The Opera House, Circluar Quay, The Rocks, Bondi Beach, Manly, Kirribilli, A day trip to the Blue Mountains, Madame Tussaudes, The Australian Maritime musuem, The Chinese Gardens, The Sydney Eye/ Tower.....and so much more!! All in a week!!

It's hard to pick my favourite pictures.....but here is just a few from my 300!! I took sooo many of the The Bridge and Opera house - i think i over did it!! lol!! We saw it by day, we saw it by night, we walked over it and sailed under it, we saw it from the east and from the west.....it sure is one great Aussie icon!!

Same with the Opera house....this is one of my favourite shots when the sun was going down and with the bridge in the background.
 And of the the many selfies that i managed to get while we were away... Rob even played the game for me!!- even though he doesn't look that impressed in this one!!
Oh, the Blue Mountains was delish....i have always wanted to see the Three Sisters, and this day was a beautiful clear sunny day!! we walked down to the bridge that goes from the mountains to the first sister, the wind was icy cold, but worth the view!! 
Our Day at Manly was another clear warmish day - warm enough for many swimmers, sunbakers and many surfers to be out! 

Oh, and our walk to Martin Place to meet the Sunrise team too....the day after Port won the showdown! and we had a little chat with Kochie and Mel. I think i must have been standing in a hollow that morning or do the boys have their heels on??!! (am i really that short???) 

So that was just a quick snapshot of our week in Sydney....we walked for miles, we had a great time- a full week!