Birthday boys & Easter bunnies...

This Easter weekend was one filled with birthdays, family gatherings and cousins having fun together. Lots of cakes and chocolates!!

First, it was our own boy's 28th Birthday, and his little boys loved to share a cake with their Dad...Eli sat beside Daniel and sang "Happy Birthday" all on his own.....and it was soooo cute!

Then on Easter Sunday was little Mace's 3rd birthday....He had a fun day with his cousins all around, lots of parcels, a cool rocket cake.... as well as Easter bunny visiting!

And it was this little guys first Easter..... he sure loved the taste of his first chocolate - he cried when we had to take it away too!!

 Some fun times by the water with the cousins:

 And a touch of fishing with these two big boys:

All in all a great a fantastic weekend!!

Hope you had a weekend full of good times and memories!