last weeks scrapping

I did a couple pages last complete a couple challenges over at escape2create. These have been really good to get me back into scrapping and inspired!

Firstly, a page with my penfriend from Berlin. We had such a great week with her and her partner....and seeing lovely Berlin!

Then i did something totally different for the sketch LO....i tried my hand at alot of glimmermisting to give the 'graffiti' effect to go with the pictures. I was totally taken in by the graffiti art throughout Berlin.
Have my parents here from Adelaide, so no scrapping this week....maybe next week i will get more inspired!
Thanks for popping by,
Sue xx

One day in Paris

Finally, finally i have scrapped a page!! It has been sitting on my desk for a week....nothing popping out at me....and finally i cut and pasted yesterday.

It was for a the 'page 100 challenge' over at escape2create was ideal for putting together a quick page with a few photos from our day in Paris..

Now to get inspired somehow to do some more!! This cold wet weather is not doing it for me,.....after 5 weeks of beautiful sunshine in Europe....i can hardly wait for spring to arrive here.

Oh so many photos.....and not sure where to start! :)

Thanks for popping by,

Sue xx

Home again...

Well, it has been a week today since we arrived home.....

I think we are finally starting to feel back to normal again....whatever that is??!!

I have been over and over my 1300 photos and had some 700 developed....and i still can't believe that it actually has happened! What a wonderful trip we had!

Here are just a couple quick photos from our trip....i also have posted some at facebook, if anyone would like a gander.

I was just captivated by the Eiffel Tower...just amazing.

Beautiful Luzern, Switzerland.

Salzburg and Vienna..

Meeting my penpal Sabine in Vienna, we have been writing for over 15 years, and it was wonderful to meet her!

Oh, this is too hard....i haven't got to the south of Germany, Berlin or Croatia yet!! ...or our meeting with Angi and her lovely family...our AFS daughter from 8 years ago, as well as two more many great times, wonderful memories and lovely photos to share!!
Stay tuned....i will pop a few more on here in a couple days...
Thanks for popping by,
Sue xx

Hello from Singapore

A quick hello from Singapore airport...Rob is off having a massage, same as Tony & Sandra, so i decided to stroll the shops....and came across this internet couldn't resist checking things out on the blog and pop in to say hello...:)

Not long now and we will be home....can someone tell me how the hell does 5 weeks so go damn quickly??? We have had the most amazing trip, seen alot of beautiful places in the world...i still can't beleive that we are actually on/ or at the end of this dream. Dreams do come true....i know that now, one just has to be patient!!

I will post some photos as soon as i have caught up with family and has been one hell of a long trip home....we left Zadar, Croatia 4pm Saturday, it has been airports or airspace ever since....and hit Lincoln Monday,... will be glad to see everyone, and my pillow and bed!!

Catchya all soon....thinking of you all,

xx Sue