7 days 'till Christmas

I am going to do a 14 days before Christmas album (well i hope to- my stay at home January project) and so i have been taking some photos each day.

I have been browsing around on the net, and am seeing some beautiful photos showing bokeh and i am totally awed by them all, so i thought i would try my hand. After many, many attempts, this is my example of blurry 'bokeh' Christmas tree lights....with my new angel.
And of course, i have to document my Christmas card list and letter writing.... i do love to send & receive cards, sadly it is a trend that is fast fading out. I love to receive mail from friends and family from all over the place and read their news from the over the past year. Do you send out Christmas mail??

And just on friday, my backyard blitz continued, with a instant lawn and paving all been completed....just in time for the Xmas day cricket game!! Oh how lovely it is!! (i am a tad excited about it!!!)
So only 7 days till Christmas. What have you been doing in preparation for Xmas?? Whatever your plans, hope it is all going along well.

Sue xx


:) Tiff said...

GREAT Bokeh chook. you nailed it!!!!!

amanda hall said...

oh your backyard looks so lovely Sue. Can't wait to sip a wine with you in there.

Meredith said...

Lovely outdoor setting :-) Lawn looks great and hey where is that "14 days to Christmas" mini or is that January's project?