I'm back....back to reality!!

I am back....and back to reality!! Holidays are wonderful times aren't they??

If any of you who don't know we have just spent the month of August overseas in Europe...visiting our AFS daughter Angela for her wedding in Germany, then we travelled onto London for a week and then onto Italy for 9 days. We did a 4 day tour of Tuscany and the Cinque Terre, then spent 5 days in Rome exploring.

We had the most amazing trip - my highlights were spending time with Angi's family and just been there for her wedding was incredibly special. Going to London - visiting Buckingham Palace, spending time with my pen friend Doris from Berlin, seeing those iconic Red phone boxes and Big Ben, visiting Stonehenge, visiting the Cinque Terre was ticked off my bucket list, and visiting the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome were my fav. parts if I just sit here and think back.

I posted a few pics on facebook or instagram along the way if you follow me....but I will post just a couple here. I just love Bavaria - the southern part of Germany...it is so beautiful!!

 Angi and Baris
 Those Red phone boxes and Big Ben
 Waiting for the Change of the Guards
 a coffee & scone at Buckingham Palace

The Colosseum
so that is just a quick look at our trip....wonderful memories. Now to decide what to do with all my photos, how to scrap them or which ones to go for.....pondering on this at the moment.
But in the meanwhile yesterday I sat at my scrap desk...struggled to find the Mojo and where to start, what is in this stash I got here and how do I do this again????? I will give it another go today!!
Stay tuned....and thanks for popping past here....
if you do pop in leave a g'day or say hello, it's always nice to know that someone does pop in for a looksee..
Seeya soon,
Sue xx