Snakes alive!!

Saturday i was out gardening with Grandson 1 - Ethan, we were planting some cucumber and squash seeds and he was helping me when we had this incident with a snake. It came up behind us, to within 1.5m from us, and thankfully Rob was around to help us out. I always worry about snakes, kids and the garden together especially during the warmer months.

After a lesson about snake safety with the other boys, we went inside for lunch and Ethan drew this on the computer. So cute and clever it is....we (us adults) had to have a chuckle at Rob's ears and the Hair!!!...and if you look closely there is also grey whiskers on his face as well!! The grey area is the cement along the house where Rob was standing. I just love it -so for the moment this one is placed on my fridge!!

And hopefully that will be the last snake we see in our yard....or is the family still hanging around somewhere???!!

Hope you had a memorable weekend?! Oh and a big HELLO to my Dad if you are reading this, i thought you would love to see this one!!xx


the Lizard Hunter...

This one has been sitting on my desk for over a week now, waiting to be put together....and finally out with the scissors and glue and all 'tis complete!! I have used some old BG for background paper, Pink Paislee, Crate Paper, Simple Stories & MM patterned paper. Butterflies from Collections, Alphas -October Afternoon, Marcy Penner badge (thanks Meredith, they are delish!!), apothecary label stickers- 7 Gypsies and a few odd buttons found in my stash. Plus i used some Technique Tuesday stamps in the amongst the journalling....all for something a little different.

Thanks for popping on by,


*edit: this one was inspired by a Marcy Penner page.

school holiday fun...

It's been a busy week here in my house... having these 3 boys about the farm each day plus throwing some shifts at work in has sure kept me out of mischief.....

With walks out in the scrub, climbing fences and exploring, looking for birds nests, climbing trees (well, i wasn't, as the fence climbing was a challenge enough for this granny!!) playing tennis - or hitting the ball and chasing it, going for drives around the farm in the ute and each having a turn at 'driving' ....this one Granny has had a full week and it is a sure way to get a good nights sleep!!LOL!!

And one day each of the big boys came into the kitchen "hey granny look what we got" and from my office i came out to find each with a chook in their arms. "take a photo Granny" Mr J said. How could i resist?? My poor chook...she won't lay an egg for a couple days now i bet!! But Mr J looked very pleased with himself!!

After all that activity the appetites are ravenous......bags of apples and frozen chocolate cake is quickly devoured in no time. Frozen chocolate cake is a fav here.....why frozen?? has been a 'thing' in this house since our neighbour and good friend Annette started it when my kids were small and it has just continued on. Anyway....straight from the is eaten before it gets a chance to defrost....and they all love it!!

So that is my first week of the school holidays.....they go home to their Mum now, and i go back to my normal quiet life....but i loved it, loved every damn minute of it!!

Hope you are all having great times during your school holidays,


Outdoor room..

After completion of stage one of the kitchen renos and adding a pergola to the back of the house, we decided for the pergola to be a fully usable and purposeful addition to our home we needed to enclose a few of the walls for protection from the winds and we are situated on a hill every little breeze can easily turns into a gale!!! But at the same time i didn't want the natural light to be totally cut out from the rest of the house.

So this was end of stage 1:

So, in the end, we decided to go with sliding doors and windows on the eastern and western sides, and part walls on the southern sides. I found some used corrugated iron added to the part walls, and polished hard wood as railing on top to add some extra character....and this is how it is looking:

The view from my back door looking out into the garden (which is now ready for it's reno too!!)

I am loving the look of my new area, and now waiting for the addition of some new outdoor furniture to arrive, so then summer here we come, enjoy many a time out there with friends and family.......also possibly the addition of some blinds for the southern 'window' gaps, but at this stage it is not high on the list.

Thanks for popping by,

Hope you are having a nice day..

Sue xx