2 sleeps 'till Christmas

WARNING: photo rich post ahead!!
The week before Christmas is always busy, but we also have a birthday in our family. Our little girl turned 25 this week....OMG, that makes me feel i like should be old!! And as always we celebrated with a family BBQ at the farm...which means lots of kids and beautiful noise!! LOL...

Here is the family photo of Grandparents, with our 2 kids and their 6 boys....well, the baby (missing) was asleep in the pusher....this is a precious moment all the same!

Then i braved the moment to capture all 6 boys for a Christmas photo shoot....and after many many 'takes' i got a couple reasonable ones!! There was alot of "look this way", "smile", "hey Mace say cheese", "here look"...and "quick mum have you got one yet"!!!

After all the rush of excitement or madness not sure which, this little boy grabbed my 'HoHo' plaque and said  "here Granny take a picture"...bless him, How could i resist??!!

He played real good for me!! LOL!!

And this little face is just delish!! His "cheeese face"!!!

And then my parents arrived from Adelaide, as soon as Dad had his van set up, i was out there, with hats & camera and saying look at me!! click, click!!

Even if i don't get to scrap my mini 14 days till Christmas album, i have clicked the events of the past 2 weeks....and i have loved it. Hope your last 14 days have been exciting....and there's just one more exciting day to go!!

Hope you all have a Great Christmas and Thanks for stopping by and leaving any comments....i always love to see who's popped on by.

Sue xx

@ 6 years

I have finally finished this page that has been sitting on my desk for over a week.....and it appears that i have photographed it on a lean...sorry about that!! This one just kept on growing, with me adding more & more bits n pieces.Now i feel in the scrap mood....keen to start my 14 Days till Christmas mini album..

I have used papers from OA 'Boarding Pass' range, along with some American Crafts tag, flag,brad and paper flower. The cute button is from ormulo, thanks Meredith!!

Hope you can find some time to do some scrapping in this busy week...

Sue xx

7 days 'till Christmas

I am going to do a 14 days before Christmas album (well i hope to- my stay at home January project) and so i have been taking some photos each day.

I have been browsing around on the net, and am seeing some beautiful photos showing bokeh and i am totally awed by them all, so i thought i would try my hand. After many, many attempts, this is my example of blurry 'bokeh' Christmas tree lights....with my new angel.
And of course, i have to document my Christmas card list and letter writing.... i do love to send & receive cards, sadly it is a trend that is fast fading out. I love to receive mail from friends and family from all over the place and read their news from the over the past year. Do you send out Christmas mail??

And just on friday, my backyard blitz continued, with a instant lawn and paving all been completed....just in time for the Xmas day cricket game!! Oh how lovely it is!! (i am a tad excited about it!!!)
So only 7 days till Christmas. What have you been doing in preparation for Xmas?? Whatever your plans, hope it is all going along well.

Sue xx

10 days 'till Christmas

From Day 14 to today  it has been a week full of Christmas parties, seeing the old fella in Red, and all things Christmasy! First we visited the Cummins Christmas tree and this year Eli was very brave and went up on his own. He even went back to have a word with Father Christmas....probably a request. Then the next day was the wind-up at the kindergarten, once again the old fella arriving and leaving the Police car - sirens, lights and all! The kids love that! and there was more party food!

Then i visited the Bishop Kindy to see what this little boy has been making. There was no visit from Father Christmas here, but parents & grandparents are welcome to come to visit, and their child serves them with a honey biscuit that the kids have made prior to this last week. Then Evan showed me all the bits n bobs they have been making. "Here's a heart for you Granny" as he made this from play dough!

And i just loved this Christmas tree all covered and draped in beautiful paper chains that the children have made!! I almost felt like getting some coloured paper and making some for myself!! Oh to be a kindy kid again!!

And then yesterday was the junior primary class parties which i managed to pop into briefly and see the two big boys. They were having so much fun, and who wouldn't be.....everyone loves a party don't they!!
And this was Jacob pulling his goofy face, but hey.......that is kids!! Love them just the same!!

Well, i hope you are surviving the week and joining in on some party fun!!


Just 14 days till Christmas....

With just 14 days till Christmas, i am finally starting to feel like getting into the spirit of things....i have made a list. (it is the only way i seem to keep on track this time of the year!!)  So i started this weekend with a little bit of baking. I tried these shortbread heart cookies, along with some Apricot balls. I still have a few other yummies on my list to make. 

Then i got the box of Christmas decorations out and started decorating the living areas. I found these little treasures at the bottom of the box. They haven't made a show in a few years, and they made me reminsce....the beaded ones were made for my kidlets by my grandmother many years ago. So gorgeous they are. Each bead is counted in order and threaded onto crochet cotton prior to commencing the ball, then the pattern begins, crocheting and working each bead in it's place. You know - there is not one wrong bead out of place. My grandmother would have been in her 80's when she made these. These are soooo special. 

The other Christmas balls were made by my two kidlets when they were 5 & 7 ish, each sequin with a pin thru it and stuck into a foam ball....do you remember making them?? So this year i thought they both needed to come out for show, onto a simple gum twig along with a couple candy canes and simple gold bauble or two.....next to my first Christmas card for 2011....handmade by Evan and his Mum.

And then a few other decorations scattered about, the snow ball decorations are always a hit with the little ones in our family, they love to tip them upside down and watch in wonder the snow falling!! Don't you love them too??

So, i have made a start....and finally it's beginning to feel like the festive season around here.

Hope you are getting your decorations out and getting into the Christmas Spirit.


Now where did i put that list!??!!