Welcome to 2012

a new year, new goals, new beginnings, new zest

A wish to all those of you who pass by my little humble blog
 a Wonderful 2012 to you & hope it is a year which
dreams may come true & 'tis a year full of
Happiness, fun, creativeness and good times!

I have seen inspiration on many others blogs to choose one little word
to begin and have in this New Year.

I'm choosing the word:

i love to laugh, i love to hear people laugh,
i love the feeling that laughter brings to ones soul,
and laughing is something i need to do more of.
laughing it off, laughing at fun things, just a good ole laugh!!

So in this New Year i'm gonna laugh more.
(so beware!!)

Do you have one little word for 2012??



:) Tiff said...

my one little word...... hmmmm...... would be live.

live life to the full.

happy 2012 Sue. Laugh it out loud!!!


Meredith said...

xxoo looking forward to catching up more often and hearing that laugh ... remember LaL!! xxoo

Lauren said...

Happy New Year Sue!
What a fanastic word to pick for 2012. xx

amanda hall said...

happy 2012 Sue. I love hearing you laugh so glad it's going to be around more this year ;-)

Kathryn D said...

Happy New Year Sue, gosh it's been awhile since dropping by your blog. You've been busy on it too. Yay. Great word... love hearing you laugh!!

I think my word for 2012 is motivation! Need it and need to get back into scrapping again. It's been too long.

Chow for now