10 days 'till Christmas

From Day 14 to today  it has been a week full of Christmas parties, seeing the old fella in Red, and all things Christmasy! First we visited the Cummins Christmas tree and this year Eli was very brave and went up on his own. He even went back to have a word with Father Christmas....probably a request. Then the next day was the wind-up at the kindergarten, once again the old fella arriving and leaving the Police car - sirens, lights and all! The kids love that! and there was more party food!

Then i visited the Bishop Kindy to see what this little boy has been making. There was no visit from Father Christmas here, but parents & grandparents are welcome to come to visit, and their child serves them with a honey biscuit that the kids have made prior to this last week. Then Evan showed me all the bits n bobs they have been making. "Here's a heart for you Granny" as he made this from play dough!

And i just loved this Christmas tree all covered and draped in beautiful paper chains that the children have made!! I almost felt like getting some coloured paper and making some for myself!! Oh to be a kindy kid again!!

And then yesterday was the junior primary class parties which i managed to pop into briefly and see the two big boys. They were having so much fun, and who wouldn't be.....everyone loves a party don't they!!
And this was Jacob pulling his goofy face, but hey.......that is kids!! Love them just the same!!

Well, i hope you are surviving the week and joining in on some party fun!!


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:) Tiff said...

awwww. you are such a great Granny. and to be everywhere for the Grandies must be exhausting.... but fun.

take care you.