Just 14 days till Christmas....

With just 14 days till Christmas, i am finally starting to feel like getting into the spirit of things....i have made a list. (it is the only way i seem to keep on track this time of the year!!)  So i started this weekend with a little bit of baking. I tried these shortbread heart cookies, along with some Apricot balls. I still have a few other yummies on my list to make. 

Then i got the box of Christmas decorations out and started decorating the living areas. I found these little treasures at the bottom of the box. They haven't made a show in a few years, and they made me reminsce....the beaded ones were made for my kidlets by my grandmother many years ago. So gorgeous they are. Each bead is counted in order and threaded onto crochet cotton prior to commencing the ball, then the pattern begins, crocheting and working each bead in it's place. You know - there is not one wrong bead out of place. My grandmother would have been in her 80's when she made these. These are soooo special. 

The other Christmas balls were made by my two kidlets when they were 5 & 7 ish, each sequin with a pin thru it and stuck into a foam ball....do you remember making them?? So this year i thought they both needed to come out for show, onto a simple gum twig along with a couple candy canes and simple gold bauble or two.....next to my first Christmas card for 2011....handmade by Evan and his Mum.

And then a few other decorations scattered about, the snow ball decorations are always a hit with the little ones in our family, they love to tip them upside down and watch in wonder the snow falling!! Don't you love them too??

So, i have made a start....and finally it's beginning to feel like the festive season around here.

Hope you are getting your decorations out and getting into the Christmas Spirit.


Now where did i put that list!??!!


:) Tiff said...

great to give you a hug this arvo. and get one too :O)

love you big HO HO HO's on the mantle.

Those crochet beaded balls would be a great story to scrap Sue. Get ya macro on!!!

Kathryn D said...

Yum the biscuits look gorgeous. Enjoy the build up to the big day. Thanks for sharing, and photos too! Saw your bro-in-law at the Carols last night, sounds like a nice Chrissy Day at your place xx