Escape2Create 2013

WOW, it's over....what happened last weekend?? Another great scrapping weekend was had by a shed full of women- that's what happened!! So many laughs that the shed sides were all but bursting at times, so much creativity....amazing creativity!!, 3 wonderful teachers with amazing talent and classes taught, yummy food to not have to prepare but to lucky were we??!! Oh so much fun!!

Amanda and Meredith did yet another amazing job at pulling this great weekend together, the theme was gorgeous -yellow, silver, grey, black, white and some chevrons.....the shed looked stunning... with pom poms, covered tables, easles with big blackboards.....and i failed to take many photos this year after promising myself to take more!! I was so engrossed in it all, soaking in the atmosphere and all the goings on.

I didn't get much personal scrapping done as i enrolled in all three classes, and i totally enjoyed layouts and making the memory file. The texture pasting was not something i normally tinker with, but i totally enjoyed it and have bought some supplies to do some more!!

Here are my projects from the weekend:

Kim Jeffress' memory file. I decided to fill my file with the little boys birthday photos from 2012. It was a great project to start the weekend, and i think everyone who did it totally loved it!! I am yet to finish mine off with putting more photos in and words.
Ebony van der Starre's layout:  this one used texture paste and misting/ masking on the can only just see a glimpse of mine. But i loved the add-lib cutting and pasting with this girls technique, using little scraps to pull the page together!! I loved this class!!
Sharmaine Kruijver's layout: this page involved more texture paste, paint, minimal paper usage and easy placement of products!! Loved the effect of the paste n paint technique here.....the reason i have gone forth and bought some supplies!! I loved doing this layout too.....all outside my normal scrapping thinking!
Then i started my Project Life - February pages.
And my 2 layouts for the weekend.

A fun n full weekend......when can we do it again???

Happy Easter to you all, have a great weekend,

Sue xx


sandra said...

It was good wasn't it??
Love all your layouts Sue.
The gorgeous happy faces on your layouts always make me smile. :-)

Janice Nicholls said...

Love all 3 of your layouts Sue......sounds like it was a fun weekend.
Have a Happy Easter and a great weekend. :)

Tiff Firth said...

Wasn't it Brilliant?!!!!!!!!
I loved your Photobooth pics too. You can ham it up so well. :)

I've bought up on texture paste too, even tho I didn't do the class. I reckon there is a run on mixed mediums locally now.

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Love all your creations Sue.
Glad you are going to give the texture paste a go, it's pure fun :)