my Project Life 2013

I have admired, stalked and followed Project Lifers for a couple years now and have finally decided that this 2013 i am going to try it. I thought that the weekly commitment would be overwhelming to me, so i have decided to do a monthly record of what happens here in our lives. Some months there will be more pages than others, like over these summer months....where i have many pictures and moments- that i will document. So not putting any pressure on myself, just tackle each month as it comes & just to enjoy putting it all together in an album....and a good opportunity to use up some stash!!lol!

So here is my title page.....and i have almost completed a couple of January pages, so hope to post them tomm.

Also this year i hope to make more see before i was a scrapbooker i was a card maker and rubber stamper(in a big way!!!), so i a bid to use up some of this delish stash of mine i am going to rekindle my card making! Here is one i made this month (oops, last month) for a dear friend.

I used the MME 'Follow your Heart' range here, which like all MME ranges was quite yummy and even some of the more recent ranges still works in with the older ranges....that makes life easy ey??!

That's about all for the moment- now it is time to start getting my photos ready for the up coming  Escpae2Create retreat in a few weeks time!.....thanks for popping on by,

Have a Good week...



Janice Nicholls said...

Great idea your title page.
The card is the colours, tags and tabs.
Have a great week. X

Meredith said...

Gorgeous card Sue! And great to see your title page for this year's project!!

Tiff Firth said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the project life memories. Something I too feel way to daunted to try.

as a hopeless card maker and nervous stamper, I'm really keen to see what pops up on your blog.