Streaky Bay

A couple weekends ago Rob and I went up to Streaky Bay with my sister & hubby. Even though it isn't that far from us, it has been years since we have been up that way, and i just forgot how beautiful the coastline and beaches are up that way!!

We had a couple beautiful meals at the local pub....which just oozed with character and charm! Loved this pub!
And we called into the Sheringa Roadhouse/ come General store for an icecream on the way home.....what a great little spot that is!! Not much there, but a jammed packed little place....once again, oozing with west coast charm and character!

Anyone for surf wax?? Sheringa is a great spot for the surfers, and this packaging caught my eye, LOL!!

We had a great weekend visiting our local sights!!

Thanks for popping by,
Sue xx


:) Tiff said...

pmsl. I was at Sheringa just last Friday, shooting the church there under some incredible skies. I do admit that we didn't get to the shop there, but I do like the 'poetic use of the English language' for the surf wax!!

miasmummy said...

*sigh* Streaky Bay and the West Coast IS gorgeous... I used to spend a lot of time up the coast when I was a surfer's babe! lol!! I love my Sheringa fridge magnet that says Paris, London, Sheringa, New York... Great photos!! x