First scrap for 2011

OMG- it took hours to put this together!! It was like having my first born - took days and days, and still nothing happened....i was exhausted when it was finished - the page that is!!! How can it get to be this difficult? Just no mojo!
It is time to get those creative neurones bumping around again....and there is so much inspiring scrapping happening out there on the blogland, that it is so hard to move away from the computer!! But i am glad i have finally moved away(off my computer chair) and completed a page, a old photo but i love those canola shots from September 2010!
Well, here's to more luck scrapping....and hope your having a great day!
Sue xx


Gina B said...

Hi Sue this one might of taken a bit more work but definitely worth it. I love it. I might have to scrap lift this one. If thats ok. Well done Sue!

Meredith said...

Great layout Sue - great to see you back at it!! Love the 4 pp rectangles and stitching around them, the circles look great too!! Oh and of course that swiss cheese punch (must use mine again soon!!)

amanda hall said...

oh yes. This is awesome! Love the circle under the title - yummy punch too!