2010 done & dusted

Well, what a whirlwind of a couple weeks it was!! ....and another year done and dusted.

With all the preparations of Christmas, getting together with both family groups to celebrate Christmas - and Parsons day was here at the farm, Mum & Dad arriving & staying here with us over the Xmas time and leaving just before New Year. We celebrated Mum & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary on 29th Dec, harvest was still in progress, and amongst all that i did my back in and had to spend a few days flat out on the floor and then there was New Year.....phew....i feel all partied out, and ready for some quiet time!!

Here's a photo of us - almost the entire Parsons' clan....only 2 were missing on this day.....and i was determined to squeeze everyone in my little kitchen for that family 'Christmas photo'. I realized recently how important these photos are to take and keep. What a great day we had!!

2010 was a great year!! Amongst everything the highlight was our 5 weeks overseas, a dream come true. Time to start on another DREAM.

What will 2011 bring? I don't know.....no big plans at this stage.

But i do hope to ENJOY time at the beach, SPEND time home - with family, ENJOY time with friends at the Day on the Green. SPEND more time in the garden, BE more creative- i hope to make a quilt this year..... and LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH each day of 2011!

Hopefully there will be some scrapping coming along soon,

Hope you are having a Great day.

Sue xx


:) Tiff said...

you did so well to cope with everything and so many people in so few days. it would have done my head in ;op

the other person i see missing from your family shot is you. so hard when you want to get it right and to run into the shot after setting the self timer without looking flustered.

good luck with 2011. mine's self improvemet. been the same now for a number of years and i dont seemed to have broken that resolution

Gina B said...

Great work Sue, sounds like a full and busy couple of weeks. Missed you in the shot, maybe next time. All the best for 2011.
Luv Gina

Meredith said...

So very true about the photos Sue!! I totally agree!

I have decided that laughter is the thing for this year - have had 2 great sessions of laughter since 1st Jan!!

Can't wait to see the BE more creative!!

Kathryn D said...

Hi Sue, happy new year to u and your lovely family! Sounds busy busy, but enjoyable for you (except doing your back in!?) All the very best for 2011!! If we don't see you over the holidays, we'll see you at the Day on the Green :)