new bike

I just had to scrap these cute pictures of Eli sharing his new bike (well, not totally happy to), and Mace thought he was such a 'big' boy on his cousins new bike. Mace now has his own bike, plus Granny has 3 at the farm there's no lack of bikes here!! It is great to see the kids getting outdoors and riding.
I tried mounting my alpha title like a friend does...find her here , it was pleased with my result on this page and will definately be using this technique again!! And i have used the paint splats yet again...the old paints are getting a work out lately!!
Well, hope you all having a nice day and enjoying the summer holidays,
Leave a comment if you pop on by - i love to see who's been here,
Sue xx


amanda hall said...

hey hey hey i LOVE the mounted alphas Sue - they really POP out and give a bit extra dimension! Great paint splats and ohmygoodness at that cute banner.

Adorable photos too - what a bunch of cuties you have ;-)

Meredith said...

Great title and love the banner!! You are the paint splat queen lately!! Gorgeous layout - love all the different bits!!