A couple layouts to share...

A few weeks back in March I went to the great E2C retreat for a weekend of scrapping bliss!!
 I had a fantastic weekend....scrapping my little heart out, doing some classes with fantastic teachers, having heaps of laughs with a table of great friends..

Here is a couple layouts I did while I was away....I think I did a total of 9 including my class pages, not bad for me....and as I cut my 4 day weekend back to 3 days due to having to go off to an emergency nursing course.

Today is Eli tuning 7 last September....(Yes, I am about to go on a boy scrapbooking- catchup venture....just warning you...lol!!!) Love the 'Amy Tangerine' Kraft script word thickers, which Today was part of.

Then #School Kids  celebrates Mr Mace starting school this year.... And the compulsory first day of school picture. I had worked on this background as a pre-retreat kit, so it was a quick start/ quick go to page for late at night!!

And the close up pics of the photos are for you Dad and Mum who pops into my blog...for latest update and pics of the great grandies!!

Hope you are all having a nice day,
Catchyas soon...
Sue xx


Meredith said...

Love the alphabet stencil layout - looks amazing!! Great layouts :-)

Tiff Firth said...

gosh those little boys aren't little anymore.