kick n splash...

Finally today I have gotten around to sharing the last of my layouts that I completed at the E2C retreat.

First up, Kick n Splash: this page was inspired by the many layouts I have been spying around with various patterned paper shape cut outs. I have been particularly drawn to the triangles....and it also happened to be part of the theme of the retreat too!

I added some inky smears made by mixing the spray with a little water onto flat plastic, and then lightly touching straight onto the background. Added some stamped arrows and added some paper confetti sprinkles.

I so love watching each of the boys learning to swim....something I feel is so very important here with so much beach & water time through our hot summers. And little Finn here, has taken to the water quite confidently, not afraid of getting his face wet at all and loves to make big splashes!
Then there is These Boys: which is my normal multiple photo, layering layout. I have taken to adding a strip of paper (usually sewn) to either the top or bottom of my pages but this time I added a few little embellishments to one corner.
I love times together with all these boys. The cousins all get along famously well!! It's noisy, it's crazy but it is loads of fun!!

Well, that is my crazy lot....I love 'em!! And that is about all my pages for the moment....will show my class pages next.
It's feeling like good weather to be stuck indoors....and maybe attempt some scrapping!!
Have a great day!
Sue XX

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Meredith said...

WOW!! Love the triangles in your first layout!! And the wood grain background in the second looks fabo!! I need to pull out the tools and get to some - the cold weather at the moment is a good time, hey!!