Getting page kits ready for the retreat...

I like to pack a couple page kits before I go to a scrapping weekend get a little mojo started and in the scrapping I started putting one together..... i got to the stage...oh bugger....just stick it....and then it was all but i completed it! Oh well, all good!!
So this is page one complete...SEVEN:  Evan's birthday last May....and his little brother is right into the blowing the candles out- which is soooo cute!!
 These pages are more about the moment than the the photos aren't that crash hot...but if i miss a birthday, i sure do get reminded. The little ones love to see 'their' birthday on paper.

 So kit one complete and made....onto the next one...

Once again....i was getting so into it, i thought may as well stick this all down, do some stamping, and some ink splats....before the day was done the page was complete..

CELEBRATE:  This day was Jacob's birthday, and we weren't having a birthday tea so Granny n Pops took the boys to the 5 Loaves Bakery for a milkshake and a donut!

 So i have really gotten into the scrapping mood over this past week.....but then i did eventually move onto packing a couple extra kits without using the glue!!! Hopefully the mojo keeps on coming next weekend!!! So looking forward to it!

I then found this one under my scrap mat....obviously it needed some flattening out for it to be under there....but i had forgotten about it...i think i did this one last mini retreat back in September/ October.

CHERISH: if i remember rightly it was a page inspired by Ebony van de Starre. With the bright inky painty splats and the dashes of black stamping. A photo of Finn an i having cuddles. He is our littlest boy, full of cheek n fun!! Love him to bits!!

 Well, onto some more packing for the retreat next weekend...

Have a great sunday!

Sue xx

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Tiff Firth said...

Oh I think I love the cherish one the most. The colours and your smile Sue.

I'm feeling the same about kitting, I end up scrapping it before it even gets to the album to take with me.