Road Trip to the SE & Victoria

We have just returned home from a lovely road trip to Adelaide, down the South East and into Victoria to Ballarat.

It was a little road trip down memory lane at the same time...stopping to visit an Aunt in Coonalpyn, a drive around my old home town of Tintinara and out to our old farm. Stopping in at old friends to say a hello and calling into to cemeteries to visit resting places of relatives.

 A chat and laugh over a cuppa with Auntie Bette.
We ventured down to Keith and onto Robe for a couple nights, visiting Beachport for lunch one day. It is amazing how small this world is....when you chat to someone in a little quaint café...there's always some-one who knows some-one from where you come from...even a lovely old gentleman knew our farm at Edillilie at Beachport!!
 The beautiful long jetty at Beachport and the aqua sea!
My very patient husband will stop along the road side for me to pop out into the bush to take some photos- of the vegetation, a windmill or an old woolshed....I am always seeing something to click the camera at.

 I just adore the beautiful big gums thru the lower South East. I wished I was a painter!
 Then it was on across to Penola- a visit to Mary Mackillop land and down Petticoat lane and then into Victoria to Ballarat to visit my sister. Thru Casterton, Hamilton and the lower Grampians.

We had a very busy 4 days in Ballarat- a walk around the Lake Wendouree, a train trip down to Melbourne to visit the MCG for Rob's birthday. A drive up to Daylesford on a Sunday to visit the Vintage and street markets....onto Avoca for a quiet beer an meal in the pub.

 It was time to say good-bye to Jules and Brent- we had a great time with them in Ballarat, seeing where they now live....but now it was time to head on back to Adelaide and then home.

And we spent a couple days with Mum n Dad before we headed back to the coast.
There is nothing quite like a road visit new places, re-visit old places and catch up with family and friends along the way! It is something we don't do often enough!
Thanks for popping on by...


Tiff Firth said...

what a lovely time you had. and you missed all the heat of summer here. lucky thing.

Mardi said...

All that talk of the S.E made me homesick Sue... its such beautiful country.
Mardi x