Retreat layouts cont...

Finally i have got around to posting my last two layouts from our retreat to share with you.

Show Art: this one was inspired by Kim Jeffress with the glassine bag with pp sprinkles enclosed in it. I love this piece of artwork that Jacob gave me.

Little Happy Chap: grandson no.6 is such a dear little fella and so happy.

Canvas from Kate Mason's class:  i loved doing this class, reminded me of the decoupage days, and paper mache stuck on balloons etc... this was so much fun!! And a beautiful teacher she was, so clever!! Love her work!


Meredith said...

I love both your layouts here Sue
:-) The embellishments look fabo!!
And the rub on addition to your canvas looks great :-)

Tiff Firth said...

the cummins show art LO is awesome Sue. he's such a heart melter. loving the colours.

and happy little chap...... awwwww can so see Parson's in him!!!