Escape2create weekend

This year was No.5 for the E2C retreat that i help out with, alongside Amanda Hall & Meredith Treloar, and this year was another FANTABULOUS weekend. It is so exciting, thrilling, amazing (and exhausting) all put in together to see so many scrappers from across Eyre Penninsula and further across SA, and even some visitors from WA and Sydney to come and enjoy our little retreat.

We had 3 SA teachers come this year, to go along with the 'Homegrown Mojo' theme. We had Kate Mason, Mardi Winen and Nat May who were all very inspiring with their projects that they taught....just amazing!!and it was sooo good to finally meet these girls who i have admired their work for awhile....they are so lovely!
Here's a few pics of the shed prior to the weekend commencing.

The hanging pompoms and baskets full of apples - as table decorations:

I just had to add this next picture.....can you see the map of SA in the background?? or is it my imagination?? The light coming in the rear door sort of looks like SA to me. Some tricky photography (flukey!!) to say the least, but quite apt for our weekend theme!

And our customary glass of Moet just before the guests all start coming thru the door:

I managed to get a few layouts completed over the weekend, and i will share them here over the next week. All in all it was a very successful weekend, i loved every moment of it and was quite sad when it all came to an end on Sunday, and we had to say our good-byes to everyone.

It was a great weekend!!



Tiff Firth said...

how cool is that pic with SA in've photographed well.

it was a tremendous weekend. The best one yet in my book.

thanks so much for every effort you've put in, its truly appreciated.

Meredith said...

great photo Sue - looking forward to seeing that scrapped :-)

Kathryn D said...

Yep great weekend was had!! That photo of SA is freaky LOL. Thanks for all your work & effort, for a fab weekend xx