Baby Finn

Great excitement here this week...our 6th grandchild, and 6th grandSON arrived.

Finn Ashley Lukin, on Wed 10th weighing in at 8lb 7ozs and he is sooo gorgeous!!

And i love this photo...of Great Grandma...(Rob's mum) with Evan and Finn. Evan is so proud of his little brother!

So cricket it continues to be for this Granny....and thank-goodness i love to play along with all those boys.....maybe another few and we would have a team!! Not sure either of the kids would think that's a good idea!! How blessed am have 6 beautiful healthy boys?!!

Thanks for popping by,

Sue xx


Meredith said...

woo hoo!! Loving all those boys Sue!!
Congrats ... so exciting!!

:) Tiff said...

congrats to you Sue. You'll have to keep that pink stash for another time



Marika said...

He is adorable Sue congratulations so lucky to have healthy ones i reckon.

Gina B said...

Congrats Granny!!!!! He is sooooo cute.

Christine said...

Oh Sue, he is adorable! What a gorgeous photo of the 3 together! Love your comment about the footy team!

Marika said...

Much more adorable in the flesh even made me cluck a bit.