pirates galore

These two little boys shared their birthdays this year with a combined 'pirate party' and there was lots of cute little pirates everywhere(oh and one cute little fairy in amongst it, she didn't want to be a pirate, but hey who cares)LOL........all in costume, and with loads of noise to go with it.

There was a hidden treasure chest in the garden, a cannonball pinata with lollies shooting out everywhere, and pin the parrot on the pirate game to keep them all busy and a scrumptious cake to end it all. They had so much fun!!

There was even the stray big pirate to join in on the fun....i don't know, some kids just never grow up, ey??!!

Oh the good fun times....such times to treasure & remember,

Hope you having a nice week,



Meredith said...

hey, hey I spy a Maya Rd envelope!! Great colours and design!! Love it!! That circle border punch is my favourite!!

:) Tiff said...

cripes. took me a while to recognise Mr R behind the mo. Praps he should grow a handle bar in real life. It looks strangely not bad on him at all.


SueP said...

That is not Robbo Tiff, that is our dear son-in-law!! LOL.... i'm not sure if A will be impressed or not!! LOL!!