One night in Vienna

I scrapped this page a couple weeks ago for a escape2create challenge but haven't got around to posting it here.

This time last year we were travelling across Europe....and we spent a couple days and nights in Vienna....oh, such a beautiful city. It was one day i met up with my pen pal Sabine G, whom i have been corresponding with for almost 20 years. We met late one afternoon, had coffee and spent a couple hours chatting & sharing photos, exchanging gifts and lots of is so good (actually, it is bloody amazing!) to finally meet with someone you have 'sort of ' known for many years and then in person to discover that 'yes', they are really lovely just like you thought all those years when you receive letters, emails etc. I told the girl at the desk that i was meeting my penpal there, and would be waiting in the coffee lounge if Sabine was to come in and ask for me...... to direct her to me.......this girl was very excited that we were meeting for the first time....she couldn't quite believe it....i think she was almost as excited as i was.

Some people may think it is quite bazaar writing to someone you don't know....and in today's modern techno world the art of writing letters is almost unheard of......but it still brings a spark to my day to find a letter in my mail box that doesn't have a window front!!

After our coffee and big chat we met up with our travel buddies....and went out for a great meal, great wines, and lots of laughs.....the night was just toooo short. I could have easily spent days with time! It was another great moment of my holiday to remember for many years!

Hope you all having a nice week,

Sue xx


:) Tiff said...

How amazingly special that would have been to finally hear her voice with her words.
and you are so right in saying the art of actually 'writing' a letter is fast disappearing.

love this Sue. special memories

Meredith said...

Apologies ... I am sure I commented on this layout ... oh maybe over at E2C!! I love the numbers stamped down the side and what a wonderful thing to happen after so long communicating :-)

amanda hall said...

this is great Sue. The page and the story of your pen pal Sabine. It must have been almost surreal meeting her after all those years… what a special time. You have scrapped the photos so lovely. The numbers down the side and the writing under the photos is fantastic. So good seeing those old MM rubons too!