2 little boys + balloons = FUN

2 little boys + 6 balloons = alot of FUN!! I thought i would combine this into a try photo shoot....and today with the winter sun shining perfectly i was able to practise some photo taking on my camera. I must admit i took ALOT of photos and only got a few very candid fun loving photos....the boys had a great time!!

Here's a few to share with you,

The colours of the balloons and the day was perfect....that i was happy with at least, and the boys had loads of fun running around on their grassy patch with a handful of balloons!!

Hope you have had a nice day,

Sue xx


:) Tiff said...

Sue. They are rippa shots. So much fun on the boys faces and that's what counts.

Marika said...

Just georgeous Sue i love them especially cause they are not perfectly posed.