There's a rabbit in my CAKE!!

Last year this little fella was so fixated on Rabbits, he so wanted a pet rabbit for his birthday. He even thought Uncle Daniel would get him one for sure...but his parents were trying ever so hard to down play it!! Right up to the eve of his birthday he was so convinced that he was gonna get a rabbit!! He had it all worked out.... it was going to live in his room, play with Ollie the dog, sleep with him n all. 
So a birthday cake around the theme of rabbit was a must for Mr Finn's 4th birthday. And such a good job Rachel did of it too!! Her cakes are always a surprise to the kids, until the actual moment of 'cake' little Finn's squeal of "there's a rabbit in my cake" was sooooo funny and cute!!
 Guess who is pinching the cotton-tail??

And I just had to use Finn's quote as my title for this page!!
Hope you are having a fun Saturday, enjoying a bit of sunshine like we are here.
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cute layout Sue. Sooo... did he get the rabbit?!

Tiff Firth said...

oh that cake is awesome. I love the bunny bum.
great LO for a great memory. x