Crochet bug...

Just recently i have had the urge to get out some wool and crochet a granny rug. What?? Is it just the cool weather or am i morphing into my Grandmother?? She was very good at all handicrafts and i admired her talents....but me crocheting a granny rug??

I have crochet once before, many years ago, so i got out some wool and my hook and i began....the first sqaure was a bit wonky....and once i re-read the pattern again and again, my square actually did resemble a off i went and bought some wool to begin my Granny rug.

So here is begins my Granny rug.....not something i want to finish this week but i will get there!

What new things are you trying your hand at this winter?? Do you have an urge to get out some wool and needles too??

Have a nice day,
Sue xx

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Meredith said...

Oh I love it Sue!! I might need a lesson soon!! xx