Birthdays and busy days...

We've had a busy month with Easter and birthdays!!

During the Easter weekend we went for a drive down thru the Port Lincoln National Park, had a picnic with these guys, walked up to the monument....all of us and got some lovely pics of them together. It was beautiful weather to be out n about with the family for a picnic!!

a cheeky little rabbit!! 
This little fella told me he was going to be "this many without the thumb".....and i had to capture that! all whilst eating chocolate cake, as you do on a picnic!!

This little fella learnt that he can ride his bike without the trainer wheels, plus lost his first tooth!! 
Then the week following Easter it was Mace's 4th birthday as well as Daniel's. So we got together at the farm for a family BBQ and cakes!! Rachel did exceptionally well with her Batman cake for Mace, and he totally loved faces everywhere afterwards!! 

and of course the customary re-lighting of the candle so everyone gets a turn at blowing out the candles!! Daniel had a cake loaded with MM's and kitkats!!....a week after Easter....who needed extra chocolate!! but it was delish!! 
So a busy time with the family over the past few weeks, plenty of pictures taken, lots of fun times!!

Hope you are having some great family moments!!

Thanks for popping by,

Sue xx


Meredith said...

Gorgeous photos Sue and fantastic cake :-)

Janice Nicholls said...

You have captured Lots of wonderful memories Sue......and I can remember the candle re lighting so everyone had a turn...lots of fun. Great photos. :)

Tiff Firth said...

lots of new pics to scrap.
totally relate to blue faces everywhere.

where in LNP is the monument. I'm a bit of a novice down in that area lol.