In my backyard...

i am loving my new bird-houses that my DH  made for me last week... (well, i was the designer, he was the craftsman!!) and they look delightful in amongst my holly hocks and native plants!!
i re-cycled a letter box that i got from the community garage sale a couple weeks ago into a barn type style one, painted and sanded it's roof rustic red. Then with bits n pieces of recycled wood and mini orb we put together another one. Now i am in the thoughts of a third you have to have groups of 3,!! 
and on the other side of my back yard, my other my climbing Pierre de Ronard rose, just loaded with flowers hanging off it's trellis. It will get a battering today with this strong northerly wind....but i got this snap of it all in it's glory last week.
oh, i love my back-yard.... and i can see most of it from my kitchen window!!

Hope you having a nice day.



Meredith said...

beautiful Sue, love your bird houses and yes you need 1 more ... what design for the third one then? :-)

Tiff Firth said...

you could create a bird suburb. bird feeding and a bird bath. Then you could go to town with the camera when they start coming around.