I LOVE..... the view out my front window!!! and thankfully our house faces north, so every room has this view!

I should have taken these shots a week ago, as with a few warm days plus a couple windy ones the canola flowers are starting to come to an end but still....a sea of yellow all around us!! I never tire of this sight and it is one advantage of living up here on this hill - to see for miles around us.

I just love it!!

hope you are having a happy day,

Sue xx


Janice Nicholls said...

Beautiful views, you lucky girl. :)

Tiff Firth said...

there seems to be more yellow in the spring patchwork every year.

It is a lovely part of the world we live in.

Kathryn D said...

Glad I got to see in real life too, it's a gorgeous view!!