a busy Father's Day..

It was a busy time at our house this weekend. Not only did we have Father's day, i was cooking for shearing but Eli also turned 5!! The cousins came and we had a little party lunch at the farm.

I made these very cute cookie monster cup-cakes

...but the hit of the day was the Rocket cake made by Aunty Rachel and the birthday boy - (with his new batman mask on) was very chuffed with his special cake!!
...and of course super Pops with 4 of the six boys going for a little ride on the motor-bike!! It was a busy day and love them all coming to the farm!
Hope you all had a good weekend with family & friends,

Sue xx


Tiff Firth said...

what a fantastic shot of Rob on the bike.... He might even need a sidecar on the quad to fit them all in if they are all there, or when they all grow a bit.

I'm so impressed with Rachel cake skills. I cant cook cakes. I destroy them. And your cookie monster cupcakes are so cute.

Great memories to scrap for sure.

Meredith said...

Your cupcakes look sensational Sue!! I'm thinking maybe Pinterest inspired ... ??
And Rach's cake ... WOW great cake :-)

SueP said...

oh Yes, pinterest inspired Meredith, plus i saw them also in some UK magazine awhile back, maybe a woman's weekly or something....but i was very chuffed how they turned out...

and note to self: must wear gloves next time i dye coconut blue!!!

amanda hall said...

those cookie monster cakes are so cute and look yummy. Just adorable.