Snakes alive!!

Saturday i was out gardening with Grandson 1 - Ethan, we were planting some cucumber and squash seeds and he was helping me when we had this incident with a snake. It came up behind us, to within 1.5m from us, and thankfully Rob was around to help us out. I always worry about snakes, kids and the garden together especially during the warmer months.

After a lesson about snake safety with the other boys, we went inside for lunch and Ethan drew this on the computer. So cute and clever it is....we (us adults) had to have a chuckle at Rob's ears and the Hair!!!...and if you look closely there is also grey whiskers on his face as well!! The grey area is the cement along the house where Rob was standing. I just love it -so for the moment this one is placed on my fridge!!

And hopefully that will be the last snake we see in our yard....or is the family still hanging around somewhere???!!

Hope you had a memorable weekend?! Oh and a big HELLO to my Dad if you are reading this, i thought you would love to see this one!!xx



Trish.S said...

I love the Chook pic Sue.. probably because I keep threatening to do this at work.... lol , and your nearly finished pergola looks fabulous. Now that I have a bit more free time I intend to blog hop and post some more.. Cheers

amanda hall said...

oh my goodness this is priceless. Are little kids so funny in the things they say and do (and draw!)

You are so blessed to have all those adorable little boys around you. (you can keep the snakes though!)