Outdoor room..

After completion of stage one of the kitchen renos and adding a pergola to the back of the house, we decided for the pergola to be a fully usable and purposeful addition to our home we needed to enclose a few of the walls for protection from the winds and weather....as we are situated on a hill every little breeze can easily turns into a gale!!! But at the same time i didn't want the natural light to be totally cut out from the rest of the house.

So this was end of stage 1:

So, in the end, we decided to go with sliding doors and windows on the eastern and western sides, and part walls on the southern sides. I found some used corrugated iron added to the part walls, and polished hard wood as railing on top to add some extra character....and this is how it is looking:

The view from my back door looking out into the garden (which is now ready for it's reno too!!)

I am loving the look of my new area, and now waiting for the addition of some new outdoor furniture to arrive, so then summer here we come, enjoy many a time out there with friends and family.......also possibly the addition of some blinds for the southern 'window' gaps, but at this stage it is not high on the list.

Thanks for popping by,

Hope you are having a nice day..

Sue xx


Meredith said...

Looking great Sue!! Been keen to see the next stage so thank you!! Can't wait to see what you do with the garden!! The pavers are beautiful too!

:) Tiff said...

looks totally great. that iron is the perfect rural touch. love that.

lots of bbq's with all the grandies to come!!!

Kathryn D said...

Sue, it's looking great. Woo hoo. Keep up with the photos.....

maryanne said...

looks fantastic sue!many a great time with family and friends coming uop Im sure!