Home again...

Well, it has been a week today since we arrived home.....

I think we are finally starting to feel back to normal again....whatever that is??!!

I have been over and over my 1300 photos and had some 700 developed....and i still can't believe that it actually has happened! What a wonderful trip we had!

Here are just a couple quick photos from our trip....i also have posted some at facebook, if anyone would like a gander.

I was just captivated by the Eiffel Tower...just amazing.

Beautiful Luzern, Switzerland.

Salzburg and Vienna..

Meeting my penpal Sabine in Vienna, we have been writing for over 15 years, and it was wonderful to meet her!

Oh, this is too hard....i haven't got to the south of Germany, Berlin or Croatia yet!! ...or our meeting with Angi and her lovely family...our AFS daughter from 8 years ago, as well as two more penpals.....so many great times, wonderful memories and lovely photos to share!!
Stay tuned....i will pop a few more on here in a couple days...
Thanks for popping by,
Sue xx


Meredith said...

So great to see your photos Sue. Looking forward to more posts about your wonderful holiday!

amanda hall said...

looks amazing Sue. Wowee what an incredible experience! Can't wait to see all your photos scrapped or in a mini album (i saw some stamps at Leonies the other day that made me think of you and a travel album - lots of planes and passport type stamps!)

:) Tiff said...

wow. 1300 photos in the can would be intimidating yet exciting to go thru,and to have 700 already developed, wow, wow, wow. that's an achievement plus. I just cant imagine one book would be anywhere near big enough to fit all your experiences and reflections in.

so did ya get the travel bug and looking for the next trip OS??

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Sue.

Your photo's brings back so many memories for me.
I'm looking forward to seeing so many LO's and mini books on your wonderful travels. Glad you had a ball - how wonderful too it was to meet people you write to in person. Awesome. TFS Michelle

Gina Baj said...

Great photos Sue, 1300 photos sounds like me, lol, I took over 2000 photos when we went to America for 2 weeks. Glad to hear you had a great holiday!!!!