Hello from Singapore

A quick hello from Singapore airport...Rob is off having a massage, same as Tony & Sandra, so i decided to stroll the shops....and came across this internet bar....so couldn't resist checking things out on the blog and pop in to say hello...:)

Not long now and we will be home....can someone tell me how the hell does 5 weeks so go damn quickly??? We have had the most amazing trip, seen alot of beautiful places in the world...i still can't beleive that we are actually on/ or at the end of this dream. Dreams do come true....i know that now, one just has to be patient!!

I will post some photos as soon as i have caught up with family and sleep...it has been one hell of a long trip home....we left Zadar, Croatia 4pm Saturday, it has been airports or airspace ever since....and hit Lincoln Monday,... will be glad to see everyone, and my pillow and bed!!

Catchya all soon....thinking of you all,

xx Sue


Meredith said...

Can't wait to see you and hear all about it and see the photo Sue!!

Whoo hoo!!


:) Tiff said...

cheers for letting us know all is going well. really well by the sound of it.

so what's the next dream.... Vietnam wasn't it??

Kathryn D said...

Welcome home Sue!! Can't wait to hear all about it xxxx We are in Fiji. First day today, weather absolutely gorgeous, swam in 2 swimming pools and had a canoe in the sea. Kids are loving it! Doug had massage today, mine is booked for tomorrow. Found free internet at our resort, thought I'd have a quick check up on ya. Love Kathryn :-)