My Project Life 2013 journey...

I completed PL for one whole year....WooHoo!!...something that i thought when  i commenced, i wondered how it would pan out!! Would it fizzle out before June, would i loose my mojo for it?? Once i got to August i got keener to get to the drove me in a way, not to get to the end of the year but to see it completed successfully. So this is what i found thru my jouney of documenting...

What i did do: i soon realised in January that i wasn't going to document day by day, or week by week. I would simply do a recount of the month over 4 pages...2 double.
- i kept a notebook/ diary to remember what we did, what happened and dates.
-this note book also contained scribbles of ideas, how to embellish, words, quotes that i had heard or seen. So it was my go-to PL bible.

What i loved: i loved capturing the little things in life....the new chicks hatching, the crops progress each month, the colours of the landscape changing from season to season, the sea of dandelions out my window...just all those things....and how much more i love the beauty of the everything around me.
- i loved that i took many more photos in that year...mostly on my point and shoot....but how i also felt i became more creative with taking my shots.
- i love to see my little family turning the pages of this album over to see where they are and making comments of various things...them remembering precious moments.
-i loved once i got into my own was quick, simple, effective way to document our life.
- i loved that i used stuff from my stash...old mixed with some new.
-i loved that i completed it.

What i used: I used a variety of plastic pocket pages. Some with horizontal, some vertical, a mix of 6x4 and 3x4 whatever suited my photos at the time. There are so many different ones...i just mixed it up!
- i loved to use washi tape, stickers, mini alpha stickers, enamal dots ++, wood veneers, and the slip in journalling cards....oh, and there are plenty of them on the market nowdays!!
- i used stamps ....but not as much as i initally thought i would thou....i used date stamps every page!
- i used my handwriting it is the quickest way to document, sometime i would do typed strips.

What i found difficult: initially i found it difficult to get into my own groove of doing PL. Initial expectations of my self....but the journal/ diary helped just to go with the flow....whatever photos i had or didn't have, just document it....not over think it!!
-i found it difficult to photograph without a reflective until i found the right time of the was a matter of experimenting with my room. The not so sunny days were the best.
-doing PL took my time away from my usual 12x12 scrapping....but now i look back, i did actually manage 24 layouts for the for me i am thinking that was actually not too bad!

So that was my journey and i acheived it. I am not going to do 2014 simply because i might do something a little an album for birthdays as we have one in almost every month (except Oct & Nov)...and i will do an album of some kind of our 3 weeks travelling to Europe.

Hope you are inspired to do a Project Life is really worth it!

Thanks for popping on by and hope ya having a nice day!

Sue xx

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