July- Project Life

Finally i have gotten back to my desk and my July Project Life. Everything has been sitting here waiting for this spare moment!! July is the middle of winter month, cold wet & not very interesting to take photos of day to day living. So i have captured it with photos of looking out the window, wet roads, washing trying to dry on the clothes-line, and some of our many visits from the kids & playing games!
Here is our July-

my photographing of this lot was causing me trouble this morning with the reflections on the PL protector pages.....and  the bit of sunshine shining thru my window!!!

Now to get amongst all my August photos and begin the next month!!

Hope you have had a great month.

Sue xx


Tiff Firth said...

I'm impressed that you are so up to date with PL. I am liking the touches of chevron to keep it all together.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Lovely PL! Love the cloud! :D