2013 is here!!

Happy New Year to all my friends n followers here in blog-land.....and hope you saw it in in a wonderful way and that the year ahead is good to you all!!

As 2012 went out and 2013 arrived .....so did the lovely summer weather!! Sunshine and beach days galore......(although yesterday at 41°C and today's equally hot but blustery weather....it's not that nice or comfortable!!) We spent NYE with friends on their balcony enjoying the view, good company and a quite a few drinks to see the New Year in.

New Years Day we spent it on a beach out from Coffins Bay with friends, set up shades, had lunch & drinks, swam,  jet-skiied and ski biscuited the afternoon away....it was beautiful!! I even jet-skiied along with quite a few squeals!!!...but it was so much fun....i could totally get use to one of those little beauties!

We have spent a few days already of this year beaching with family and friends....i love the beach, and as i am a Pisces - a water sign - i have always put it down to that and funnily enough it is the place i find the most peace and calmness.

Then we were back home to water chicks and sheep. Then late yesterday arvo we met with Rach Ash & boys, Daniel & boys at Louth Bay for swim and tea on the beach there. It is the first time i have been to Louth....in all my time living here on EP.....and i am wondering why on hell i haven't been before, it is just glorious!! clean beach, clean water, and plenty of it, although i am told the tides are known to go out far...so suitable for families!! it was totally delish, loved it!!

Hope you are having some good ole summer fun,

Sue xx

*** i was going to add a few photos to share with you....but for some unknown reason to me, blogger won't open or allow me to open any files....so sorry about that......any hints anyone?? *** photos added 10/1/13

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Tiff Firth said...

hello suzie Q.
lovely to hear you've had a fabo nye and ny day.
us too.

have a go with blogger now. praps it was having a blip. I didn't seem to have any issues yesterday (last night actually).

cheers to you and yours.