my new typewriter

I have been on the hunt for an old portable typewriter - we had one years ago as kids, it was a cool retro yellow one ( how cool to have it now, i dream on!). Anyway, my Dad loves to hunt for items in Adelaide and he found this one at Cash Converters.....not quite what i had in mind, as it is electric (and with no instructions) and quite large, but it would do for the moment....... and  now i have realised that it will fit a 12 x12 piece of paper into it.....perfect for my scrapbooking. At only $10 i thought what a bargain, and i sure will have some fun on it!!! re-fresh my typing back spacing or spell check to correct your spelling with this machine!!

Can you imagine my grandsons ??......"Granny what is this machine" and when i said it was a sort of old fashioned computer for writing letters, they were gobsmacked!! They are having fun with it too! LOL!

Hope you are having a fun week,

Sue xx


Tiff Firth said...

I've regetted chucking my elec typewriter into the tip only 18 months ago. How short sited of me!!!!

I'm envious of yours Sue. Can't wait to see all the 'typos' on the up and coming LO's

Marika said...

Awesome Sue that was what we learnt to type on at school just pre computers. Your journalling is going to look amazing with this.