Birthday time..

For some people Birthdays are a reminder of how old they are getting and shy away from them, but i like to think that it is nice to recognise the thankful that we are, i am still here to have yet another birthday.

Well, this year for me is a biggie....the big 50....omg,how did i get here this quick?? I remember my parents having their 50th birthdays and it seems like only yesterday. Time is passing so quickly. I didn't need a big 'do', i just wanted something with family & few friends to have a quiet drink to celebrate. So my beautiful daughter got to and organised everything!! We had a BBQ tea and drinks in our pergola, she decorated it with a banner she made (now i wonder how come she knew i liked banners!!) and balloons.....did all the cooking.....and what a lovely night i had!! Thank-you Rachie!xx is the day!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!! Hopefully i am here for a few more yet!!

A couple quick photos from the night: (thanks to our wonderful son-in-law who took these for me!!)

A quiet wine with my beautiful girl and wonderful party organiser!!
And one with Mum, they came from Adelaide for the weekend, i am very lucky to have both my parents still and it was lovely to see them.

Thanks to those who helped me celebrate and may the good Lord allow us to celebrate many more i am in my 51st year of life!!


Marika said...

Happy birthday Sue hope you had a fantastic day.

Tiff Firth said...

bumma... would have given you a birthday hug at the bakery today :)

to you, to wonderful health, to happiness and to friendships.

Happy Birthday. That means I've known you for 40 years..... yikes lol

Janice Nicholls said...

Hi Sue, a belated Happy Birthday to you. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely time.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment and for becoming a follower. I am really enjoying my scrapping at the moment and starting my blog has inspired me to scrap and share more. :) x

Kathryn D said...

That photo of you and Rachel, is gorgeous!!