February social times

February has been a social month for us. Firstly we went to the Day on the Green at Annies Lane with a group of friends. It was a totally great weekend...even though it rained all day friday, Saturday we were lucky at the concert with only small scuds of rain. Train and INXS were fantastic!!

Then last weekend was Rob's 50th birthday, which we had a small gathering in the shearing shed with family and friends. It was a good night..... Here's some pics from over this month to share.

Birthday picture with the 5 grandsons....and soon to ? be 6 grandsons???

The great venue of Day on the Green, just beautiful!!

I was very impressed with my camera capturing the effect of the stage lights here,

And of course a few bottles of these were consumed as well!!
A busy month, great times with good friends!!

Hope you have had a good month too,
Sue x

1 comment:

:) Tiff said...

great scrap and chats too.

saw Mr P today and wished him his happy birthday. hard to believe that you guys are only 10 years older than me.

and didn't your camera do well with that stage shot.

was talking to Karen D from Lock about you, your OS trip and your camera today. I think she may be wanting your thoughts about her taking her SLR OS or looking for a compact like yours.

here's cheers. and you just cant beat a good ol Annie's Lane. We acquired a number of bottles when we had our Annie :O)