Rob's pics

Very early this monday morning, while i was on night shift, you could see in the sky that something big was brewing, the clouds and the colours .....and then an amazing thunderstorm blew in over Cummins. Rob was up early watching it and took some photos (which, i smile at, he's catching the bug too...heehee!!....) and i love the colours and the rainbow that he has captured....i just have to share with you!!
All straight from the camera too:

All taken looking north towards Cummins- normally seen Mickan's/ Dahlitz's Hill, but covered here in rain cloud and rainbow.....maybe the pot of gold can be found there!! :)

Thanks for looking,

Hope you are having a nice week!

Sue xx


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:) Tiff said...

that first one is so rich in colour and the last one you can just about see a third reflection, never seen that happen before.

applause to Rob for thinking to pick up the camera in the first place......