I could not believe it, a couple days ago i had lunch with a couple lovely girls, then we ventured up to the local scrapbook shop. I said "i'll come for a looksie, i don't need to buy anything, i won't be scrapping until i get back from holidays" or something to that tune........and guess what??........
i bought stuff!!!!

So with my bags all packed and it being a friday night, DH is busy watching AFL out to my scrap room for a little scratch around i go...

Success.....a page is complete!!....and some new product is used!!!
The new SEI So Sophie range of papers that our LSS has in are just lovely!! The red flowery paper is one of them. I also have used some new thickers....well, new to me.

But i won't totally pack up all my stuff.....might just get another chance tommorrow :)

thanks for popping by..


:) Tiff said...

good on ya Sue. sometime just being spontaneous works a treat. well done.

amanda hall said...

lol @ your 'no time to scrap' comment... look at you now!

LOVE what you have done here you clever chickie!

Very Fran Tynan-ish. Stunning!!!

And pish posh to those bossy girls who dragged you into the scrap shop! ;-)

Meredith said...

Pish posh exactly!!

Love the hand written words - very groovy! Lovely colours and great layout!! I have been waiting for a new one so it was worth the wait!! Hopefully you can squeeze another one it today!!

Chloe :-) said...

Oh this is gorgeous!! Love every bit :-)

Lauren said...

Gorgeous Sue!

Have a FANTASTIC time away :)